The Editors accept papers throughout the calendar year. A panel for Authors and Reviewers has been added to the Journal website. From the beginning of the year 2012 papers are accepted online only by a logging into the system. The system enables Authors to track the status of their paper and to receive automatic confirmations and reviews.

Before submitting a paper, an Author must prepare it according to the Guidelines for Authors.
After logging into the system, an Author must attach:
- his / her details (with  current e-mail address)
- paper title
- paper in Word format
- paper in PDF format
- read the information on ghostwriting, guest authorship and plagiarism and accept them; the acceptance is a sine qua non condition for  paper submission (available  in the attachment).

         Each paper submitted to the Journal is subject to preliminary verification by the Editors for compliance with the Journal requirements (the topic and correct preparation of the paper according to the Guidelines for Authors). If the paper does not satisfy the basic requirements, the Author will be requested to revise the paper and resubmit it .

          Having met the preliminary conditions, each manuscript is subject to identical procedures:



  * All the papers (in PDF format) are sent to Reviewers. The Journal Reviewers are eminent specialists in composite materials,  materials engineering and related sciences, both from Poland and abroad (Reviewers are always selected from other institutions than the Authors of the paper).

The  reviewers for  particular papers are appointed by the Editor-in-Chief (himself or having sought the opinion of the Section Editors) depending on the detailed topic of the submitted paper. Each Reviewer is asked to prepare an opinion on the paper on the standard Review form (available for  Reviewers online in electronic format after logging into the system).

The Reviewer must guarantee:

- an objective  opinion
- no conflict of interests (no personal or professional relationships with the paper Authors)
- confidentiality.

* The Reviewer can present his / her comments in a descriptive form and classifies the paper as: accepted in the present form, in need of minor revision, in need of major revision or rejected. The Reviewer has the right to request the paper to be submitted to him / her again after revisions for repeated review and acceptance.

*  The  Author  (or Co-author – named as the contact person to receive correspondence) receives reviews (without the Reviewers’ names) in  PDF format.

* If the review is positive or the paper is submitted after corrections according to the Reviewers’ remarks, the paper is referred to the further editorial procedure.


 * Each paper is proofread by a specialist native speaker of English. After proofreading the Author receives the corrected paper for acceptance of the corrections, remarks and suggestions of the proofreader.

 * After the language proofreading and acceptance thereof by the Author, technical proofreading is done by the technical proofreader, then the text is typeset and formatted and all the papers submitted to the particular issue are subject to  final technical proofreading. Technical corrections and the final form of the journal are subject to acceptance and approval by the Coordinating Editor.

(In case of any doubt arising during technical proofreading or typesetting and formatting of  a particular paper,  the Coordinating Editor contacts the Author again).

* Finally the whole issue goes to press and after its publication the particular papers are made available online (in PDF format) on the Journal website.


          The order in which the papers are printed in the particular issue / publishing year depends both on the date of submission to the Editors and on how fast the paper undergoes the whole procedure as described above.


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