Guidelines for Authors
Guidelines for Authors

Manuscripts should be written in concise and correct English and computer edited.

Manuscript should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief electronically - by system (login).

Papers should be prepared in Microsoft Word text editor + PDF format (Times New Roman font 11 points, justified, 1.5 line spacing).The margins for an A4 sheet size should be 2 cm on all sides. Manuscripts should not exceed ten pages in total, including figures, tables, a list of references and abstract.

The text should contain the following::
  • Full authors' names
  • Authors' affiliation(s), address(es)
  • E-mail address of corresponding author
  • Title of the paper
  • Abstract  (min. 0.5 of page length, 10 points)
  • Key words  (10 points)
  • Sources of publication funding
  • The foreign authors sending the article(s) to KOMPOZYTY Journal by the same agree that the Editorial Office will supplement their article(s) with Polish translation of its abstract, key words, as well as the titles of figures and tables.
The main text should contain high quality, black&white or in gray-scale  figures and micrographs as bitmaps (TIFF or JPEG formats - min. 300dpi). Scale marks should be printed on all micrographs. Figures and tables are recommended to be a maximum 8 cm in width. The text within tables should be 8-9 points and centered. The titles of figures and tables: 9 points in bold. Only SI units should be used.

References should be arranged and numbered [1,2] and quoted consequently in the order of reference in the text (9 points, do not use words in italics, bold or other forms of emphasis), e.g.:
[1] Celotto S., Bastow T. J., Study of precipitation in aged binary Mg-Al and ternary Mg-Al-Zn alloys using 27Al NMR spectroscopy, Acta Mater 49 (2001) 41-45
[2] Porter D. A., Easterling K. N., Phase transformations in metals and alloys, Chaapman and Hall, London 1991

The publishing house reserves the right to make language, style and editorial amendments, etc.
The articles will be published after receiving positive reviews and after submitting the fee of 150 EUR
The authors will be informed by e-mail of the reviewers' opinions.

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